Interactive Concepts
Creative Photo-ops
Artistic Activities
Digital Activations
Brand Engagement
Outrageous Annoucements
Show stopping Kick-starters
Branded Performance Art



Elevate your audience's event experience with various types of event activations including high energy kick-starters, emotional announcements, brand engagement, interactive concepts, creative activities & photo-ops, and outrageous random moments that will raise your event to the next level.  The idea of activations is to spark your guests environment and surroundings with experiences that will help seize the moment, stir the senses, and leave a lasting imprint. 
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Roaming Photo Activation
Instant Photographers
Photo booths
Tattoo Parlors
Bucket Drummers
Boombastic LED drum Show_edited
Stomp That Beat
Live Branded Art
Flash Mobs
Model Staff Tryon Ent
Chrome Girls Photo Activation
Photo Booth Services
Cryo Girls_CO2
LED Balloon Toss
Dragon Performers
Rhythm Activators
Graffiti Stations
Glow Models
Krazy Opera Singer
Surprise Waiters
Live Art
Ring Masters

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