ADESSO is an operatic sensation performing pop/rock and soundtrack hits including Skyfall (Adele), Diamonds (Rihanna), Circle of Life (Elton John) and much more.  If you’ve ever imagined IL Divo or Josh Groban at your event then book ADESSO for a synonymous experience.  Opera Rocks! ... haven’t you heard?

• Corporate Events
• Fundraisers
• Charity Galas
• Premieres / Opening Nights • Ceremonies

• Weddings
• Intimate Dinner Receptions • Sporting events
• Hotels / Casinos
• Holiday Events 

Adesso (outdoor concert)
Adesso (Pop Opera)

Video Reel

Tryon Entertainment is a full-scale production house that creates theatrical and experiential productions for stage, screen, and special events.  We offer an exclusive collection of shows & packaged experiences that feature a wide range of performers, artists, original concepts, musical talent, living installations, human art, and compelling activations — resulting in a fully custom and multidimensional journey for you and your audience. 

We are selected by leading brands, global corporations, prestigious venues & hospitality establishments, entertainment attractions, and marketing firms that seek highly creative solutions for their exhibitions, campaigns, and festivities.  All services are also provided for film, video, virtual/hybrid projects.

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