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How we make an event shine ..literally.

How can you not be captivated by the massive lights that shine up against a gorgeous New York venue like Capitale or Gotham Hall. It always feels like we’re about to enter another dimension. We've all heard the term "Lighting is everything" (event at home). It does a great service in creating atmosphere for an event particularly when the New York Public Library’s 5th avenue street staircase was famously lit up with what looked like over 1000 votive candles. Talk about magical! It’s these vivid moments, whether live or virtual, that provide such inspiration. It was some years ago when we decided to take lighting to an entertainment level and thus, a bright idea was born. So Shady, our

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Tryon Entertainment is a full-scale production company that creates live entertainment experiences designed to wow and influence all senses.  Our productions offer a multidimensional journey layered with stage shows, immersive theatrics, compelling activations, live music, living installations, interactive art, and more. 

We are selected by leading brands, global corporations, prominent venues, hotels/resorts, entertainment attractions, and marketing firms that seek highly creative solutions for their exhibitions, campaigns, and festivities.

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