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Read about the process of some of our productions including the goals of our clients, the various performance and experiential elements we applied and the achievements of our approach.



La Centrale, an upscale Italian food emporium in the heart of Miami, held its grand opening with the theme “Miami Goes Italian.”  The massive launch event aimed to promote the authentic, vibrant Italian-inspired food hall for hundreds of guests to enjoy and generate future business.


We worked closely with our clients in Miami to customize a production that included retail theatre and activations that gave guests an authentic Italian experience from the moment they arrived.  Our cast of immersive Italian-themed actors and specialty acts included Florentine drummers with our custom-built percussion instruments, a fish auctioneer commanding attention, a butcher ringing a cow bell, a pizza tosser flipping his dough, a surprise Opera Singer, and a Flight Attendant to greet & direct guests at the entrance.  We scripted and staged all the actors and their scenes.  We also designed and customized authentic attire for all performers including La Centrale-branded airline uniforms for directional staff members.  The "airline" staff greeted guests at a custom-built “La Centrale” flight gate that would ultimately make guests feel like they just got off a flight landing in Italy.


We effectively created a mulit-sensory journey to help intensify the introduction of La Centrale dining establishment.  Our immersive performances and activations helped distinguish the different areas of the food hall and the various sights, sounds and flavors it offers on all three floors.


In honor of Gay Pride Month, Top Shop / Top Man 5th Ave store held a brand activation event for its personal shopping service in the men's department in association with event designer Anthony Taccetta.  To help activate this event, we were asked to provide disco roller girls to help fulfill a fun immersive experience for shoppers on all floors throughout the store. 


Our disco rollers girls, in rainbow sequin tube tops with accessories and big Donna Summer hair, skated along the aisles which prompted shoppers to stop and take photos with them, mingle and dance a bit and then ultimately directed them to the sales associates located at the 'personal shopping' section.  The roller girls assisted shoppers with picking out apparel and cheered them on as they shopped.

Our disco roller girls were also placed at the main entrance outside on 5th Ave to draw shoppers in.  It was a spectacle as crowds stopped to take photos and pose with the roller girls.  This experiential concept for Top Shop / Top Man was fitting as it ignited the shopper's experience in honor of Gay Pride Month.


Land Rover held an impressive 2-day launch event on board The Intrepid to reveal the marketing partnership between their company and Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s spaceship company.  Guests were invited to experience the pioneering work in spaceflight systems, and were treated to an incredible surprise reveal of the SpaceShipTwo mock-up.


In order to further engage the audience with the futuristic brand, we provided ten of our top models as promotional staff dressed in space-inspired wardrobe, complete with black bobs and blue nails.


Virgin Galactic looks to the future of science, continually innovating and developing new spaceflight technology for the best customer experience possible.  We were able to reinforce that mission statement through our space-like, futuristic immersive model staff and create an unparalleled experience for the event’s attendees.

PUBLIC HOTEL "Public Asylum"

The newly designed Public Hotel by Ian Schrager held their first invite-only Halloween event last year with an aim to promote the hotel as a swanky, trendy “luxury for all” New York City hotel and event hot spot.  The party’s theme, “Public Asylum,” set the tone for a fun, cool, provocative night for all its guests, which included A-list celebrities and New York socialites.


We were approached to produce an all-encompassing production that would not only entertain but engage hotel guests throughout the hotel as well as partygoers at their performance space Public Arts.  We were approached to stage and co-direct with Karin Bacon various theatrical vignettes & activations that included our actors and models as custom-designed zombies, corpses, demons, and heads on a plate and current political & pop culture satires with sets designed by David Bowie's designer Mark Ravitz.  We also provided a Hulk, Female Edward Scissorhands and the Joker, who were all featured in their video promo for social media showcasing various locations of the hotel including their restaurants, lobby bar, and fitness center.  Lastly, we included over 10 makeup artists to create surreal halloween looks for the entire hotel staff.  


After countless social media posts, shares, stories and rave reviews by the media including, the Public Hotel halloween event proved to be a huge success by cleverly showcasing the hotel through our immersive experiential entertainment production. Ian Schrager and the marketing team were extremely pleased and anxious to start planning next year’s Halloween event.  And not long after this event, it was reported that the hotel’s ranking went up significantly on

Patek Philippe & Co. is a highly prestigious watch manufacturer, known for their expert craftsmanship in dealing with complicated mechanics and movement.  We were asked to provide an entertainment experience for their private launch event to highlight a limited line of new watches on the 620 Loft and Garden at Rockefeller Center in New York City.


In order to help launch their new line and create a memorable buzz around their brand, we provided immersive vintage carnival-themed performers to engage attendees.  Our actors and specialty acts including a ring master, side show artist, circus cigarette girls, magician, and fortune tellers, creatively showcased the Patek Philippe watches during the launch event.  For example, our circus ‘cigarette girls’, escorted by heavy security, paraded the watches in open briefcases.  Our fortune tellers gave readings using the watches and our magician performed a magic show featuring the products.  We provided an immersive experience that not only provided information and showcased the features of the line, but also fostered an emotional connection with the watches. 


The Public Hotel is a newly designed, luxury hotel by Ian Schrager, with an aim to provide luxury, style and excellent service to all.  The hotel recently hosted a wedding showcase event for prospective brides, event planners, and press to expand its brand name and value as a prime wedding venue.


We were asked to provide faux wedding ceremonies and wedding reception formalities to highlight how an authentic wedding for couples of all orientations would look like at the hotel.  We stage our top models and actors to re-enact the a processional and recessional, vows, rice throwing, first dance, a champagne toast, and cake cutting ceremonies.  The cast included three diverse couples of all gender orientations, a “Father of the Bride,” a “flower girl,” and “wedding officiant,” who were all styled and custom-tailored in luxury wedding gowns and tuxedos.  The roaming attendees were able to move at their leisure from scene to scene, taking in the full effect of how a wedding at the Public Hotel would look like.


The experiential concept enhanced the hotel’s ballroom features and created a very romantic atmosphere that allowed guests to get a real sense of how the space would be for a wedding.


Novartis, a global healthcare company, held an educational festival to engage the public with their company’s healthcare expertise, and promote their brand’s innovative strides in the healthcare industry.  We were asked to provide an engaging, educational and interactive dance performance to entertain the festival’s attendees and promote the Novartis brand.


We produced an interactive stage show by teaching a viral dance move and a sing-a-long set which ultimately lead to a surprise flash mob performance.  Our choreographed dancers sported Novartis t-shirts that included branded messages such as, “Be healthy and nice,” “Inspiration” and “Innovation.”


The entertainment production garnered so much attention that it led to repeat performances annually.   The goal for Novartis was to not only entertain their guests but to engage them with their brand’s message of innovative health and wellness.


This FujiXerox incentive program hailing from New Zealand was a multi-day event to reflect an “Art in New York” theme.  We were approached to provide an interactive, experiential production to include a cast of performers and immersive theatre that would offer a very authentic New York 'local' experience. 


On day one, held at Skylight Studios, we staged models as an experiential experience by inviting guests to splatter paint across the blank walls of the studio, while wearing white protective onesies, creating a collective art mural throughout the day.  


Day two’s event, held at Ramscale Studios, gave the international audience an authentic New York downtown Art scene experience by staging an art gallery exhibit.  We provided living installations and staged our beautiful cast of actors to portray local socialites and art buyers.  Characters included a bouncer at the door, faux paparazzi, fashion models, art dealers and a posh elderly woman with a pink poodle.  The FujiXerox guests were completely fooled as the cast continuously engaged them by expressing opinions and interests in all the art displayed.


Johnson & Johnson hosted a sales conference to launch various products including “Bengay” Topical Pain Relief products at their corporate headquarters in New York City.  Their marketing initiative aimed to promote the new “Bengay” product in a unique, comical way.


They requested a customized Vanilla Ice parody stage performance using a spoofed song, “Ice Ice Bengay.”  We provided a Vanilla Ice lookalike and choreographed backup dancers who performed to custom lyrics that we wrote to describe the “Bengay” product.


With our humorous staged production, we helped this Johnson & Johnson product stand out by highlighting it’s features in song and dance.  And by using a famous hit song, it allowed attendees to be familiar with it and interact with each other by singing along to the tune and our custom lyrics.


SiriusXM hosted a major launch party at legendary nightclub-turned Broadway theatre, Studio 54, to promote their new radio station inspired by the former disco-era hotspot. The party’s theme, “One Night Only,” aimed to fully encapsulate the club’s vibrancy during its heyday for a single night, bringing back the glamorous atmosphere and classic disco tunes for guests, which included celebrity A-listers and supermodels.


Karin Bacon, the original talent coordinator of Studio 54, enlisted us to provide immersive performers to evoke the vivacious atmosphere of Studio 54 and transport guests back to the 1970s discotheque. Our production consisted of cast of dancers and actors, as well as a full makeup and hair team to style special cameos of club-goers from the past. Our cast gave authentic reenactments of flamboyant patrons of the renowned nightclub while interacting and dancing among the crowd to the disco tunes of the SiriusXM DJ.


Our production was key in the SiriusXM launch party by bringing the iconic Studio 54 nightlife scene to life. It left guests wanting to tune into the new Studio54 station asap to relive that night as it also features testimonials, talk shows, and live mixes from former employees and DJs of the nightclub which now draws a portion of its 30 million subscribers.

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