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The environment becomes a fully immersive theatrical experience when our interactive art concepts gracefully interacts & engages guests up close and personal.  It's this experiential platform that allows your audience to be a participant rather than just an observer of the performance.  From human decor to walking art, your surroundings can be transformed and your experience transfixed with unforgettable wow factor.  

 All intellectual property contained here, presented in person, or delivered by any other means, is the exclusive and proprietary property (“Property”) of Tryon Entertainment, LLC.   Any use, duplication, disclosure, distribution, or exploitation of the Property, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.

Tryon Entertainment is a full-scale production company that creates live entertainment experiences for corporate events, product launches, public exhibitions, and branded festivities.  Our productions combine classic spectator performance, artistic displays, and experiential concepts to provide the audience a multidimensional journey including stage shows, immersive theatrics, compelling activations, live music, living installations, interactive art, and more.  


We are selected by leading brands, global corporations, prominent venues, hotels/resorts, entertainment attractions, and marketing firms that seek highly creative solutions for their special events, projects, and celebrations.

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