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"You guys are absolutely amazing" ~ Oprah Winfrey / OWN Network

A huge thank you to you both for all of your help.  The client, the guests, and the entire team was thrilled!  I hope for the chance to work together again soon!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  ~ Layne Smerilson / Black Flower Angecy

... People were just amazed at those gorgeous creatures and had never seen anything like them.  You took a concept and expanded on it wonderfully.   ~ Karin Bacon / City Activators

"You are without a doubt outstanding and a pleasure to work with.  Your vision and experience combined are fantastic.  Thank you!!"  ​ ~ Tony Pelle, GVP / DMM Macys, Inc


Always love that day as the singers always bring a nice feel to the garden. 

~ Geoff Gljiva, VP of Operations Patina Group, Rockefeller Center

Tryon Entertainment is a full-scale production house that creates theatrical and experiential productions for stage, screen, and special events.  We offer an exclusive collection of shows & packaged experiences that feature a wide range of performers, artists, original concepts, musical talent, living installations, human art, and compelling activations — resulting in a fully custom and multidimensional journey for you and your audience. 

We are selected by leading brands, global corporations, prestigious venues & hospitality establishments, entertainment attractions, and marketing firms that seek highly creative solutions for their exhibitions, campaigns, and festivities.  All services are also provided for film, video, virtual/hybrid projects.

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