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The Importance of Fashion in Our Lives

Who or what in the world of fashion has inspired you to find your inner fashionista?

As fashion week approaches we thought we'd take a moment to express the importance of fashion in our every day life. Your bare body is like a blank canvas and each morning we wake up with an opportunity to paint our own picture and literally become a walking piece of art.

If you need a little inspiration, choose a celebrity style you admire or a clothing shop or brand you love and follow them on Instagram. Take note of the ensembles they post and how you can make it work for you. Play with different colors or silhouettes to nail the right look that makes you feel fabulous and ready for the world.

Lets face it, in life you are always on display so why not own it. Express yourself. Be your own fashion masterpiece!

** The accompanying photo is our cast of models and actors for a Fuji Xerox event. We created a "Fashionistas attend an Art Exhibit" immersive experience for the event which was located at Ramscale Studios in the West Village.

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