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How To Hire The Best Event Planner

Event Planner

One aspect of a company’s success is its ability to sell its brand to the world and raise awareness about its products or services, and news. A few ways to do this is corporate event planning, brand activations, fund raisers, milestone celebrations, etc. These events, if marketed correctly, can greatly affect your brand's visibility and attract new audiences along with securing the audience base that you already have. The following are a few steps that you

should take when deciding on an event planner.

Top 6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Event Planner
Do Your Research

A good place to start when looking into event planners is to look into the type of clients that the company has worked with and reach out to them. This is a good way to receive an unbased opinion about the company, and this will aid in making the decision to work with the planner. Make sure you take the time to look into an event planner who is experienced and holds a strong reputation within the community of event planners.

Can Your Event Planner Harmonize With Your Ideas?

There are some cases where when you first start working with with an event planner, your vision is clear, all is well, and somewhere along the lines what you envisioned can be contrasted to the end result of what you foresaw. Do not allow what you are hiring an event planner for to turn into their project. Compromise is a given, but know the things you can disallow and stand firm to what matters. Make sure that you choose a company to work with that specializes in exactly what you're looking for, and is passionate about what they do.

Is Your Event Planner Organized and Flexible?

A good way to determine if whether your event planner can handle the multitude of details that you assign them is to do your research. It can not be stated enough, as to how important it is for you to speak to the planner’s past clients. They can save you time learning about them, and potentially save you a headache later down the line. Now that you are working with someone who can handle your workload, what happens if something goes awry? Setting up an event requires precision planning and coordination, not to speak negatively, but the more moving parts that you have in motion, the greater the opportunity that something may fall out of sync of the blueprint. Does your event planner have a contingency plan or do you have to come up with one for them? Finding a company that can intuitively see what could go wrong and presents this information to you speaks volumes about their experience.

The Interview

When going through the final steps of this important selection process, make it your priority to do two things: have at least three event coordinators to look at , and make sure that you meet them in person. Narrowing down the selection of great companies may be a task in itself, here is where you can have a first hand look at the personalities behind the limitless email threads. More importantly you can cast aside written platitudes and see just how passionate and professional they are about working for you. Have the individuals speak about themselves and their expertise more than what you want them to do. Ask the event planner or their firm to share information about their business, experience with events, and how they plan for contingencies.

Do Not Be Afraid To Let Go

This may be a bit more challenging than the other steps. You may have to repeat these steps multiple times if you don’t see eye to eye with the event planning firm. Know what you are willing to compromise and don’t budge on the ideas that you feel would greatly benefit your goal. The question that you have to ask yourself is: “is it worth it?” The very moment you feel negatively about that question, then it's time to move on. You are not doing this for the event company, you're doing this for your business.

Get Recommendations

We've been fortunate enough to partner up with top event planners that really have it together and blow us away every time. Contact us for additional tips and suggestions on acquiring an event planner and an excellent list of event planners to help plan your corporate events, social events, brand activations, product launches and more.

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