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A Day in the Life of Tryon Entertainment

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at an event entertainment production company? Imagine it filled with colorful experiences and a wide range of creative & technical tasks particularly when services are provided from conception to completion and a strive for excellence is in order. That’s where Tryon Entertainment comes in!

Here at Tryon Entertainment, there’s a great sense of efficiency, commitment and joy in what we do. As a production office and atelier in one, our space is abuzz and in constant motion from morning to night. We start the day off with a playlist that sets the soundtrack for the day’s journey. From dance beats to vintage jazz the day gets underway with preparations for current and upcoming events we produce entertainment for. Our operation includes production meetings, client relations, scheduling our performers, building costumes, finalizing proposals, and tightening up event logistics. A typical day might also include rehearsals, fittings, site inspections, and scouring the city for special props and materials to perfect our custom-tailored requests. And finally, there are those last minute productions we often get that just takes things into overdrive. A bit of beautiful chaos takes place when things get overwhelmed but we’re always up for the challenge. In the end, it always comes together successfully which is one reason why we have a very high repeat-client rate.

Nestled right in the heart of Manhattan along Time Square and the Garment District, we are constantly inspired by what we encounter daily in and out of our space. The Tryon Entertainment team combined is a robust stew of creativity with backgrounds stemming from art, fashion, film, theatre, dance, music and more. But we wouldn’t be complete without having a lot of crazy fun, food and laughter. It’s the perfect recipe for a creative and innovative environment that’s always reaching for the stars and “killing it” …just as one of our artwork says on our wall. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on our wall to witness the creative madness?

Tryon Entertainment

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