3 Things the Golden Globes Did Right

We’re still chatting up the Golden Globes and how important it was this year. While it took on a serious tone, we still feel it delivered great moments. Here are three things we loved.

Red Carpet Activation

E!’s red carpet video activation Glambot was back! As usual, celebs took part in the fun and gave us their oh-so-fabulous angles and slightly “Zoolander” expressions. As seen in all television award shows, no red carpet would be complete without some type of event activation to engage guests and elevate their experience upon arrival. We think this video experiential concept continues to be the trend. Let’s look back at some of the best Glambot shots. http://www.eonline.com/news/2018_golden_globes_glambot

The Host

Seth Meyers was a timely choice this year considering the mood of the event. His tasteful nature aligned with the Golden Globes’ support of our current inequality conversation. It’s his all-American boyish look that emanates trust as if he’s that protective big brother we feel safe with. So at heart, he was a great choice because he’s a comic that generates great laughs & applause but with a light demeanor and no harsh off-script surprises. It felt appropriate.


Hooray for Oprah for finally receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Her colossal achievements and influence in the world as a woman are without question so this also felt timely. Her acceptance speech was undeniably inspiring and probably one of the most powerful moments in Golden Globes history. What a great time to celebrate such a female icon.

As entertainment producers, we take pride in balancing spectating and experiential elements to highlight an event’s purpose, theme, or tone. So hats off to the Golden Globes for their balancing act. It was engaging from beginning to end.

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