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Outstanding Experiential Concepts to Attract Customers

When planning a major product launch, promo event, trade show, or showcase, it’s crucial to wow your audience and grasp their attention in unique and unforgettable ways. With many distractions by technology it’s safe to say that something live and up close and personal may just do the trick. In our experience, here are four experiential concepts that always seem to garner the consumers’ attention and build viral-worthy excitement at an event.

1. Future-Themed Acts: When it comes to your business, you are always looking to the future. Some of our successful future-themed activations and performances include our immersive sci-fi dancers, illuminated drummers, cyberpunk models with CO2 blasts, and 10ft tall robots whose presence will echo your company’s forward-thinking.

2. Party Crashers: Our “party-crashing” performers work great towards an introduction and grand finale to an event. Choreographed performances typically consist of 10-50 people and can be branded musically or in custom-tailored attire to align with your brand or event's message. Branded customizations help further praise the identity of the product or service.

3. Living Installations: Branded murals with a camouflaged model is one of our favorite living installation experiences. It can promote your brand in a very artistic way whether it's done with your logo or a famous masterpiece. This engaging visual presentation will be impressive to your potential customers as they immersive themselves in the installation as a photo-opportunity for social media.

4. Live Music Activations: We often get asked to kick off an event with an activation that will stop traffic. Whether it’s a mobile performance or a stage presentation, we provide various music performances that act as activations for an event. “Buckets and Beats”, “Rhythm Activators” and “Boombastic” are just some of our live music acts that creates a thunderous spectacle in style.

What do you want guests to remember most about your company, brand or product after attending your promotional event? Through these experiences and many other unique experiential concepts we offer, your audience will be drawn to your brand while being thoroughly captivated by the imaginative entertainment & activations they encounter.

Outstanding Experiential Concepts

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