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Live Art concepts to Engage Your Audience at a Trade Show

Trade shows are great events for your company to market, promote and meet potential clients and customers for your brand or product. It’s a chance to amaze and excite people about what your company can offer them, so setting up an interactive, engaging and aesthetically pleasing booth is vital to creating a lasting impact. We recommend four artistic brand activation concepts to include at your booth that will totally captivate expo attendees and create successful audience engagement for future business opportunities with your company.

1. Camouflaged Brand Ambassadors: This is one of the most effective and entertaining ways to create “buzz” around your company at a trade show. The brand ambassadors directly engage with potential customers by exhibiting the product as they are camouflaged against an art mural representative of your brand or logo.

2. Tattoo parlor game: Set up a tattoo parlor, where a professional tattoo artist can paint your booth’s visitors with your brand’s logo or a fitting message to promote your product. Turn it into a social media "Where's Waldo" game where attendees will be creatively “stamped” by your brand and win a prize with the amount the spot it around the floor. It's essentially a great promotional display as they sport their body art around the expo.

3. Live Graffiti Art: Live graffiti art is a creative method of accentuating your company’s brand with an edge. Attendees will enjoy watching the live artists perform their craft up close and personal, and the exhibit will be visually pleasing and eye-catching to passerby.

4. Human Decor. We’ve developed unique human decorative concepts to activate an audience from the moment they arrive to an event. From our human lampshade models to our disco ball heads, our original concepts spark jaw-dropping reactions and set the tone for a very engaging experience.

Giving your company’s trade show booth an engaging atmosphere for potential clients is vital to stirring the most successful reaction towards your company. With hi-tech options being a popular source of entertainment on a trade show floor, it's the live artistic concepts that will help you stand out. Contact us to learn about how we can customize experiential concepts for your brand.

Live Art concepts

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