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The Power of Reflection

As the (r)evolution continues, we reflect back on these past weeks where we really dove in to process our thoughts, protest peacefully, and have meaningful conversations to help heal current and residual emotions virtuously.

As a black business owner and a company of demographic diversity, there have certainly been experiences of discrimination. But our current movement and massive awakening seems to be the turning point to finally dismantling old paradigms in our society. The level of intention is propelling humanity forward like never before. This is the hope. Nevertheless, I do want to express gratitude for the equity and respect that me and my company and everyone within have received. We'll always hold our hearts open and believe in the changes taking place. I look forward to the continued reflection, connection, and dedication that will help this shift and all social justices prevail. Sincerely,

Fabiola Hesslein

CoFounder | Creative Director

Tryon Entertainment

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